Computer maintenance is an essential part of doing business in today’s advanced world. This kind of maintenance includes maintenance of the computer hardware and software, operating system, registry, hardware drivers, user accounts, user passwords, firewall software, anti-virus software, applications, graphics cards, monitors, and other peripherals. All these are crucial to ensure smooth running of the PC, and without which it is not possible to run any applications or even use the browser at all.

Computer maintenance has two main phases – initial and continuing. During the initial phase, a computer user will need to download a number of programs, install them and configure them for optimum performance. At this point, a computer user would also need to perform routine and scheduled maintenance. Most of the time, some software might have to be updated, or new hardware might be installed, or software drivers updated.

Computer maintenance is a continuous process. It starts with an assessment of the equipment, as well as of the current situation. Thus, the next step is the prompt implementation of plans and procedures to keep the computers in good shape.

Computer maintenance is conducted once a month, or as often as the operator deems necessary. The maintenance activities, therefore, include

o Computer repairs. One of the most common maintenance tasks is a manual troubleshooting of a computer’s hardware and software. Sometimes, a repair technician will also perform security and network scans.

o Disk defragmentation. This involves de-fragmenting files, while preserving all the other files intact. In case of an excessive number of fragmented files, the computers might run slower.

o Resetting the computer’s memory. Memory often gets corrupted, when programs or settings get modified. Tominimize the chances of such corruption, it is necessary to clear the memory of leftover software and application installations.

o Restarting the computer. Usually, errors are caused by incompatibility of software and hardware. Therefore, the computer user needs to check out the components and programs to see if they could be causing the error messages.

o Software updates. Since there is a constantly increasing need for newer versions of existing programs, it is vital to update them regularly to reduce the chances of encountering any problem.

o Operating system and hardware upgrades. Regular software installation and updates are important to keep the computer fully functional.

o Monitor maintenance. All monitors should be kept clean, free from dust and grease, and properly maintained. It is also important to prevent the monitor from getting too hot or cold.

Maintenance includes ensuring that the computer is kept in perfect condition. While the computers do remain absolutely safe, it is always better to take regular care of them.